Huashang-BLB alliance caters to soaring China-Europe business

China’s Guangdong Huashang Law Firm and Italy’s BLB Law Firm recently signed an alliance agreement in Shenzhenin response to the soaring bilateral investment between China and Europe.

“We have been very interested in southern China, the most dynamic part of the country,” Alessandro Benedetti, a co-founding partner of BLB, told China Business Law Journal. “[Huashang’s] international department is impressive.”

“The alliance is also in response to the growing demand for both financial and legal assistance that an increasing number of Chinese investors and institutions seek in our country,” added Silvano Lorusso, BLB’s other co-founder. BLB, headquartered in Milan, also has an office in Rome, and two desks in the US and Spain. Shenzhen-based Huashang has branch offices in Qianhai and in Sydney, Australia.

As agreed, the two firms will jointly operate in their respective markets through a shared business plan and exchange of know-how. They will provide mutual support in financial scouting as well as in the development of bilateral investment projects.