BLB Studio Legale with Flymove Holding Ltd for "Dianchè Smart Mobility Platform - SMP" project

BLB Studio Legale, with a team formed by the name partner Donato Silvano Lorusso and senior Associate Francesco Epifani, is assisting the London-based holding company Flymove Holding Ltd. in the realization of the ambitious mobility project "Dianchè Smart Mobility Platform - SMP".

BLB's lawyers to ok care of all the legal aspects underlying the operation, including the creation of the various company vehicles that will take care of the industrial phase of the project, the protection of intellectual property and relations with investors, and assisted Flymove in the drafting and negotiation of the main agreements signed by the group of companies led by FlyMove, including the licensing agreement of the prestigious design brand "Bertone" signed with the French multinational of industrial engineering Akka Technologies, and the partnership agreement with an electric motorcycles manufacturer, which will include the design and construction of a prototype of an electric motorbike with battery swap for urban use. Agreements with other industrial partners for the construction of a new line of city cars and all-electric sports cars, the creation of a European network of "battery swap" charging stations, the construction of an innovative vertical take-off vehicle ("VTOL"") for urban use powered only by electric batteries compatible with the "battery swap" system are also nearing completion.

FlyMove wil l officially present the "Smart Mobility Platform" initiative with the event "Flymove Dianchè - Beyond Mobility" to be held in Milan on November 28th 2018 at the presence of media and investors ( ".